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Problem sharing the PubAssist Database in a Windows Network
"Transfer" Returns Log Royalties

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$400 Million: Want your share?
Abnormal Shutdowns and Screen Freezes
Never enter royalty or consignment payments by hand again.
How to back up your data.
How to Block Credit Card Numbers on Your Invoices.
Clean Up Your Data Folder.
Consignment Vs. Transfer Invoices
Converting From Quickbooks to PubAssist
Convert Your ISBN's to ISBN-13's
Handling Returns (Credits) for Large Buyers
How to Set the Currency Symbol
How to Create a Custom Page Size for your Labels
Database Basics
Working with Distributors
Where is the software I just ordered?
Encrypting Sensitive Data
Tracking Expenses other than Royalties, Consignment, and Commissions
Exporting Credit Card Charges for Batch Processing
Exporting Data to Excel (Version 4)
Export Titles to PubAssist Web Services
Export Data to Quickbooks
Export to UPS Online Worldship
Getting around in PubAssist (Navigation and Keyboard Shortcuts)
Income Tax Preparation
Installing PubAssist on a Mac
Installing PubAssist on Linux
Troubleshoot Lost Data
Shipping from Other Warehouses (Version 4)
My Report Menu Disappeared!
Returns: A Simple Explanation
Understanding "Sellthrough"
Understanding Customer Order Terms
Too Many Users Logged In
Tutorials Text: Couplet Series 1
Tutorials Text: Couplet Series 2
Tutorials Text: PubAssist Series 1
Tutorials Text: PubAssist Series 2
Tutorials Text: PubAssist Series 3
Unapplied Funds
Unapplied Funds Revisited
Upgrading from Sonnet to Lyric or Epic
Upgrading to PubAssist Version 5
Error: Variable 'Rec_No' Not Found
What are my Sales?
Why Choose Publishers' Assistant
Why not just use Quickbooks?
XHTML Basics

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):

Understanding EDI (i.e. Communicating Electonically with your Buyers)
More on EDI - Advanced Shipment Notification

Design Considerations:

Version 5 Architecture
Goals & Objectives
Revisiting Inventory Status
Django Web Services
User Interface: Class Hierarchy
User Interface: CoCoa
Working with Distributors