Did you know...

Here are some things that we think are really helpful but many users don't know about them.

...you can know, at any moment, exactly what your distributor has in inventory, what they owe you, and how to apply the payments you receive from them?

...you may never have to write a check or manually enter a payment for your authors, suppliers, and sales rep's again?

...you can track any expense with Publishers' Assistant?

...you can convert to the new 13-digit ISBN from 10-digit ISBN's using Couplet?

...you can modify any report in Publishers' Assistant?

...you can generate an ONIX document to send title data electronically to your trading partners?

...you can exchange EDI transactions to accept and respond to orders electronically from your trading partners?

...Publishers' Assistant can work in an integrated fashion with your Web site using Couplet and PubAssist Web Services?