Publishers' Assistant is now $49.95!

Publishers' Assistant

This is not a joke!

Publishers' Assistant has been working for publishers since 1989. There are thousands of publishers entering the market every year, but most are not aware that publishing has it's own unique accounting challenges. By making Publishers' Assistant available for $49.95, we're hoping that the industry will begin to point people toward trying our product before they become overly invested in another off-the-shelf program.

This is not a toy!

Lyric is our fully-featured, single-user edition. It is fully capable of managing thousands of titles and customers. Since 1998, Lyric has sold for $1495 and offers an incredible amount of capability for that price. Now, you can download and register Lyric for $49.95. But that's not all...

Our multi-user Epic edition is free! To obtain a copy of Epic, you simply need to sign up for our Maintenance Subscription at $35/month. The maintenance subscription entitles you to unlimited telephone support and updates.

This is not a trick!

We're going to ask you to register the product as usual. There are a lot of good reasons to know who is using our product. We're not, however, going to pester you with reminders to upgrade, clog up your email with SPAM, or sell your personal information to others. If there are important product issues, we'll want to know how to get in touch with you; but you'll have to "opt in" to most communiqués.

We believe that good business is good relations; and you don't make good relations through deception. We think our support has been top notch, and we invite you to ask our users. You'll have to request those references, though. We don't give them out without their permission.

At the heart of all of this, we are a small business that loves to help small business.

Getting started is as easy as...

  1. Order the Lyric Edition of Publishers' Assistant
  2. Check your email to download and install
  3. Check out our new tutorials.
You'll be entering invoices in a matter of minutes!