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Publishers' Assistant Epic Edition

Business Management Software for Publishers

Publishers' Assistant is accounting software for book publishers and distributors. PubAssist automatically captures the financial and marketing information you need while you simply focus on fulfilling your orders. The Epic Edition is our fully-featured, multi-user edition.

As you enter sales, PubAssist will track your royalty, consignment, and commission liabilities automatically. PubAssist is unique in the industry in that it allows you to post your liabilities after you have been paid! When it comes time to pay those liabilities, you can generate your payments automatically and simply print out the checks.

The inventory system not only tracks what you currently have in stock, it knows what you had in stock back on December 31st.

There are over 200 reports to choose from--all organized by function. Yet, if you still need something different, you can modify an existing report, or create a new report of your own.

PubAssist Version 5 features special invoicing functions that allow you to stay in synch' with your distributors--even though many distributors offer very complex terms of business. If you're paying royalties to authors, you need to know which books have actually been paid for. PubAssist will help you do that.

The Epic Edition is now FREE with your support subscription!

The $35 charged for this item is the first installment for your support subscription.

The Epic Edition was formerly priced at $2245. Epic has been a tremendous value at that price since 1998. But now you can obtain a copy with our support subscription for $35 per month. Place an order for this product and you will be contacted by Upper Access Publishing to set up your support subscription.

Now you have no excuse for not using top-notch, industry-specific software to help manage your publishing business.

What People are Saying

"We have used Ron's Publishers Assistant program to run our distribution, publishing and wholesale businesses. We started off with just three products and now have well over 2,000 products and many hundreds of customers. Along the way we have faced many challanges to our computer systems and one hundred precent of the time Ron has been able to meet those challanges. Ron is a true professional and has been a great vendor. I highly recommend his services."

Tom Doherty
Cardinal Publisher's Group

...We carefully looked over a number of inventory software options when Mapletree Publishing started ...years ago, and ended up with Publishers' Assistant. It's economical, ... and does a very nice job of tracking inventory, doing purchase orders, doing marketing analysis, computing royalties, and doing everything we need it to do. We're very happy with it. It is Windows based. And, as we grow as a publishing company, we can upgrade it to a more sophisticated network version. We quite like it.

...However, there is a learning curve with Publishers' Assistant--you'll definitely need to read the manual to get the full benefit of the software. But Steve Carlson and Ron Lawrence at Upper Access are very helpful if you need them to answer any questions--at least they were with me.

David A. Hall
Mapletree Publishing Company, Denver, Colorado

...Also I'd like you to know that the more I use PubAssist, the more I appreciate its finer points and appreciate all the work you have put into it.

Denise Harvey (Publisher)

Less math, better records, and more time to promote the book. I love this software! I need this software!

Derik Shelor
Shelor & Son Publishing
Mountville, Pennsylvania