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Couplet from Publishers' Assistant

Title Management and Communication software

Couplet is a stand-alone program, designed to help you manage and share information about your titles. Yet Couplet is a companion product for Publishers' Assistant and will work seemlessly with your PubAssist data.

Through Couplet's import and export wizards, you can move title and contact information into and out of your PubAssist database to share with others. Couplet exports include support for the ONIX standard. Subscribers to PAWeb Services will be able to update titles on their web sites with a few clicks of the mouse.

Couplet's email wizard provides a mail merge capability, so you can personalize emails and send them to your customers, individually.

What People are Saying

...we have used Couplet a number of times to do some rather large (over 50 names) imports into PubAssist.  After some initial difficulties, I can now say that it has helped tremendously, allowing us to use our time and resources ... more efficiently.  ... I also believe that we have reduced keystroke errors significantly. 

Many thanks for this terrific product!

Kathryn Bednarz, Editor, The Astragal Press